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Product Categories - Wounds and Cuts
Wounds and Cuts

Treatment and healing of open wounds, cuts and bruises. Most of these products can be made into an ointment and used as a plaster - and some must be taken orally.

Aloe Ferox - Bitter Aloe

The hard, black, resinous product (aloe lump) can be taked as a laxative and also arthritis.
The gel-like flesh from the leaves is used in cosmetic products.
It has also been reported to have wound healing properties.


Aloevera - Aloe

Contrary to the widespread belief that A. vera is non-toxic, excess ingestion of A. vera has been associated with a range of symptoms and conditions including diarrhoea, hepatitis, kidney dysfunction, electrolyte imbalance and reduced CNS activity. It is also alleged to be effective in treatment of wounds.


Centella Asiatica - Gotu Kola

Centella is a mild adaptogen, is mildly antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcerogenic, anxiolytic, a cerebral tonic, a circulatory stimulant, a diuretic, nervine and vulnerary. A decoction of juice from the leaves is thought to relieve hypertension. A poultice of the leaves is also used to treat open sores..


Combretum Caffrum

A variety of anti-cancer compounds called combretastatins are found within the tree bark of combretum caffrum the most potent of which is combretastatin CA-4. Combretastatins bind to the protein tubulin which is essential to cytoskeletal architecture, intercellular transport, cell migration and wound healing.


Siphonochilus Aethiopicus - African Ginger

The rhizomes and roots are chewed fresh to treat asthma, hysteria, colds, coughs & flu. A preparation of this plant is administered to horses as prevention against horse sickness. Wild Ginger is used by the Swati people to treat malaria and is chewed by women during menstruation.


Schinus Molle - American Pepper

In traditional medicine, S. molle was used in treating a variety of wounds and infections due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It has also been used as an antidepressant and diuretic, and for toothache, rheumatism and menstrual disorders, with recent studies providing some support for its antidepressant effects.

devil's claw

Harpagophytum Procumbens - Devil's claw

Devil's Claw is also claimed to be beneficial for treating diseases of the liver, kidneys, gallbladder and bladder, arthritis and rheumatism. It is said to help alleviate problems with and improve the vitality of the joints, as well as stimulating appetite and aid digestion, increase cholesterol and fatty acids in the blood.

silver cluster

Terminalia Sericea - Silver Cluster

The leaves are cooked in water and the infusion is taken as a remedy for treating cough.Leaves and roots can be used for curing diarrhea. In case of a severe diarrhea, the roots are cooked in water. The same decoction of roots can also be used to treat stomach ache.

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