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Why Trade Avail, Why Choose Us?
why TradeAvail?  

The answer is quite clear and simple:
Because we strive to be the best!

The road to our current destination had been steep... and we loved it! Sailing through the rough seas made us good sailors.
Since initiation, we have been constantly working on ways to better the environment in which we as population of this entire planet live, work and raise our children. Our vision clearly states our responsibility towards our botanical resources.

* Consumer Protection/Liability – Our testing of products in the retail marketplace shows most to contain NO Hoodia Gordonii. If the product does not contain real Hoodia, what does it contain? Don’t find out the hard way -in court. When you buy from Trade Avail you can be assured that our products are tested, and are insured. You can’t afford to take a chance with your product, and we won’t let you!

* Taking You To Next Level – How can you be assured that your current supplier can take you to the next level? When your product becomes successful, will they be there to help you grow? Will they be there to stand behind your product? Will they have enough materials for your products? Rest easy, we will.

* Cleaning up the Hoodia Marketplace – Trade Avail has been instrumental in assisting state and federal prosecutors in their never ending battle against counterfeit Hoodia Gordonii. Through our efforts many counterfeiters have been shut down and their products removed from the marketplace! We know it’s difficult to compete with these cheap, fake products. We will continue to work towards eradicating the counterfeit product from the U.S. marketplace.

* Testing – Trade Avail sets the industry standard for testing. No one tests more –bar none. Just ask Dr. Sydney Sudberg of Alkemist Labs, one of only four labs authorized to test Hoodia Gordonii. All our products are tested after manufacturing, then retested again when they reach the U.S. to ensure no product was tampered with during shipping. Encapsulated products are also tested again after encapsulation, then randomly if bottled. This ensures that only the purest product reaches the marketplace. For more information on Testing, please click on the Testing link above.

  • We are an Industry Leader – Trade Avail is part of the largest privately held Hoodia Gordonii farm in the world. Coupled with our Bio-Research and Discovery facilities, we have perfected the growing and processing of many rare plants and botanicals in order to provide the purest and most potent products available anywhere. Independent testing proves this!
  • Our Hoodia has never failed a Purity Test – Most companies don’t even test their Hoodia. We grow our own Hoodia and still test every batch to ensure that the potency and purity continually maintain the same high standards. When you purchase our products, you can be assured they have been independently tested and conform to our high standards. Some of our clients products have been awarded the ‘Alkemist Seal’ which means their Hoodia product tests high for P57 content. Hardly any companies product is awarded this Seal due to the strict parameters for compliance.
  • Education – Trade Avail has been instrumental in providing education and guidance to many large neutraceutical companies who have accidentally purchased counterfeit Hoodia Gordonii. Through our efforts, working with the AHPA, FTC and FDA, we helped to craft the current tests used to measure the P57 content as well as purity of Hoodia.
  • Research – We have been growing, harvesting and processing Hoodia Gordonii for over 12 years. During this time we have learned how to increase the P57 content (active ingredient in Hoodia which suppresses appetite) to ensure that our wild crafted product contains the highest concentration of P57 of any product in the market. That is our Guarantee to you!
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Trade Avail has the industry’s best….

  • Logistics – With full control over quality, supply and logistics, we can deliver when others cannot - no matter where you are.
  • Availability – Guaranteed!
  • Price – we guarantee that no one is selling stronger or purer hoodia at a better price, or we will refund 200% of the price difference.
  • Quality – Independent testing shows what our customers already know: Our Hoodia is the strongest and purest available. Let us tell you why!
  • Guarantee – We guarantee all our products to be 100% pure (except blended products)
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