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Warburgia Salutaris

Genus: Warburgia
Species: W. Salutaris
Family: Canellaceae
Common Name: Pepper bark tree

Warburgia is a very popular product offered for sale on street markets due to its medicinal properties. Because of it's popularity, it is a priority species for nature conservation. Warburgia is a slender tree reaching about 10m in height. Warburgia is an evergreen and the leaves, which are bitter, have a buring taste.

Medicinal Usage:
Like most of the products we have to offer, Warburgia are used as a cure for many ails and treatments. For common colds and clearing of the sinus. Taken as a tea or any other oral form, it has been reported that it can clear spots in the lungs. As a powder, mixed with water, you can rinse it in your mouth to cure sores. Warburgia are also used as a remedy for malaria.

General Information:
Warburgia was named after Dr. Otto Warburg who lectured botany and was the author of many botanical scripts. Warburgia grows tropical forests. It's habitat include's KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng and across Swaziland.

The word Salutaris means "healthful" in Latin. Common names are Isibaha and pepper bark tree. Warburgia's flowers are white/greenish and growing in the axils of the leaves. The fowers develop into dark green oval berries which turn purple when it is ripe tasting bitter and pepper-like.

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