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Vitex Negundo

Genus: Vitex
Species: V. Negundo
Family: Verbenaceae
Common names: Chaste Tree

Vitex negundo is a decidious shrub. This aromatic shrub grows to about 3m by 3m and flowers during the first two months of Spring. The flowers are hermaphrodite.

Medicinal Usage:
The leaves of Vitex are used for sprains, rheumatic swellings and arthritus. Fetid discharges had been treated by the sap of the leaves. The sap are used as an antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatary treatment. The fruit is also used in the treatment of angina, colds, coughs, rheumatic difficulties etc. Pulp are made from the fresh berries and used for the relief of paralysis, pains in the limbs, weakness etc

Vitex's principal constituents are:
p –hydroxybenzoic acid

It's properties are:

General Information:
The plant prefers dry or moisty soil, thus cannot grow in the shade. The seeds are used a s pepper substitue. It can also be ground into powder and used flour.

The roots and leaves are dried and used to make tea. Vitex are notorious for it's medicinal properties in Chinese herbal medicine. In China it has been used for chronic bronchitus. Other uses include: removing worms from ulcers and treatment for burns and scald.

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