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Terminalia Sericea

Genus: Terminalia
Species: T. Sericea
Family: Combetaceae
Common names: Silver Terminalia

Terminalia grows upt to 5m tall - a very well-known shrub growing on loamy sand. The leaves, which are covered with silvery hairs, are blue-greenish, the bark is grey and when it peels, it showsa brown underbark. The flowers are yellowish green and the colour of the fruit are brown/red-brown.

Medicinal Use:
As an infusion, made from leaves cooked in water, it can be taken oraly for the treatment of coughs. The leaves are used to cure diarrhea and to treat stomach aches.

As an anti-bacterial, the leaves can be used for wounds. In the case of a bleeding wound, a paste can be made from cooking the leaves in water and to be placed on the wound until it comes of by itself. As an alternative, the roots can also be used for wounds.

General Information:
The wood are used for constructing huts, as fencing material and solid structures. Even the roots can be used as ropes due to it's strength.

During the rainy season, thousands of caterpillars are feeding on the leaves of this shrub. These caterpillars are an important food source during the time they are available.

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