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Staffblock   Trade Avail USA is the global leader for some of the rarest and most sought after nutraceutical products available on our planet. Operating primarily from South Africa, we are proud to lead the way in research and products for appetite suppression, immune system enhancement, as well as many others. Constantly innovating and researching new materials, particularly those with historical uses, our products are sold throughout the world – and acknowledged by our clients to be of highest quality.
  • Sourcing new products and materials
    Trade Avail has been a leader in bringing proven traditional tribal and historic plants and materials into the world market. We pride ourselves on maintaining our worldwide reach for new and exciting materials. We have many products that are in clinical trials as well as several others that are almost ready to enter the market after successful trials.

  • Supplying bulk raw ingredients
    The scope of our worldwide operations spans across the world. We have warehouses in India, Europe, Mid-East, as well as 2 in United States. This allows us to easily and quickly get materials to you, no matter where you are. Many of the world’s largest manufacturers rely on us for their bulk raw ingredients, you should too!

  • Bulk manufacturing and private labeling
    Why spend the time developing your own product when you can leverage our capabilities and have us create a product for you?! Most of our clients who use this service find that they end up saving a lot of money this way. Just tell us what you want and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Formulation
    Depending on your need, we have formulation experts for most classes of neutraceutical products. Due to our large variety of materials we can craft you a product specifically designed for your clients needs.

  • Efficacy studies and Clinical Trials
    Due to the nature of our work, we are constantly testing, studying and analyzing our products and materials. We can assist you with your efficacy studies or clinical trials. We are constantly conducting trials and have the resources available at reasonable costs.

  • Product orientated R&D
    Let us help you to make your product better by assisting with your R&D. Leverage our years of experience and knowledge, as well as our partners who continually look for new ways to use existing products and materials.

  • Consulting
    We have recognized experts scattered throughout the world who are available to consult with you. This allows us to draw upon a large pool of qualified candidates which ensure you that you are working with someone who knows your product.

  • Active ingredient quantification and identification
    When you need to know exactly what the active ingredients are, as well as their volumes and purity –look no further. Working with our partners, we will perform these tests and assessments to ensure you and your clients are getting exactly what you promised.

  • Product authentication
    Currently, the majority of the industry has followed the conventional pharmaceutical model by focusing on the simple chemical characterization of marker or 'active' compounds. This is insufficient for the qualitative assessment of medicinal plants.

Pharmacognosy, phytochemistry and medicinal plant research have brought an understanding of the synergism and the action of multiple constituents leading to a desired biological effect. Protect your client and yourself, ensure that your products are authentic. You’ll be glad you did.

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