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Pelargonium Sidoides

Genus: Pelargonium
Species: P. Sidoides
Family: Lamiaceae
Common names: Kalwerbossie, Rabassamin, Umckaloabo

Pelargonium, also known as Kalwerbossie or Rabassamin have been used for hundreds of years by many cultures in South Africa. In Zulu it is better known as Umckaloabo which means "Heavy cough" - which it had been used for. Research had been done to determine the actives and the true effectiveness of the plant. Extracts of the roots have been available in Germany since the early eighties (approximately since 1983).

Medicinal Use:
Pelargonium sidoides has been successfully used for the treatment of:
- Respiratory infections ( bronchitis, sinusitis, and pneumonia)
- It has also been used for tonsillitis, rhinopharyngitis and as an alternative to antibiotics
- Acute and chronic ear, nose and throat infections
- Symptoms associated with colds and flu
- Pelargonium also has Analgesic effects

Alcoholic extract of the root has been used:
1.) As an Anti-bacterial.
2.) To stimulae the imune system and for antiviral effects.
3.) also used as an expectorant.

General Information:
Pelargonium sidoides are also used to enhance the body's immunity against diseases. It is rich in phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Pelargonium can be found throughout South Africa in the Eastern Cape, Gauteng, Free State and Lesotho.

The plant supports faster recovery for colds, coughs, fever, fatigue, weakness and sore throats.

Chemistry & Pharmacology:
The bioactive ingredients in P.sidoides are the tri- and tetra-oxygenated coumarins, gallic acid and gallic acid methyl ester (polyphenols), various flavonoids, as well as significant levels of calcium and silica. P.sidoides contains two distinct coumarins: umckalin and its 7-O-methyl ester, together with four other methoxycoumarins and three unique coumarin sulphates. Scopoletin and 6,7,8-trihydroxycoumarin are also found. Most of the coumarins contain a methoxy function at the C7 position and an OH group at either the C6 or C8 positions; functionality that is responsible for their antibacterial activity.

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