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Lippia Javanica

Genus: Lippia
Species: L. Javanica
Family: Verbenaceae
Common names: Fever Bush, Lemon bush, KoorsbossieBeukesbossie/Lemoenbossie (Afrikaans)mutswane, umSutane (Swati )inZinziniba (Xhosa)umSuzwane, umSwazi (Zulu)musukudu, bokhukhwane (Tswana)

Lippia javanica, also known as Fever bush, Lemon bush and Koorsbossie occurs in Java and was named after Augustin Lippi. The plant, a woody shrub grows to about 2m high with hairy leaves which has a strong lemon smell when bruised. It has small cream flowers and blooms from summer to autumn.

Medicinal Use:
Traditionally, Lippia had bee infused and take for the treatment of coughs, colds and bronchial problems in general - also as disinfection of meat that has been infected with anthrax.

Further use:
- against fever
- cases of malaria
- influenz
- measles
- a prophylactic against lung infections. (mixed with Artemisia afra).
When the leaves and stem are burned, the smoke can be inhaled for treatment against asthma, chronic coughs and pleurisy.
- Skin disorders
- Stings, bites, lice and scabies (a tea must be prepared, cooled down and applied like an ointment)

General Information:
Lippia can grow under most circumstances as it colonise in disturbed areas. The plant is very hard and requires little maintenance (making it easy for gardening). Lippia can also be used in pot-pourri as it smels like fresh lemon. The smell also repels beetles. Apart from its medicinal uses Lippia javanica is also used ritually in a cleansing ceremony when someone has been in contact with a corpse and apparently for protection against dogs, crocodiles and lightning. The Masai make a red ointment from it, which is used to decorate their bodies.

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