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Bulk Hoodia gordonii product page.

Buying real 100% authentic Bulk Hoodia is no easy task!!!

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Hoodia really works, immitations and inferior Hoodia gordonii products don't work! TradeAvail together with key laboratories have been instrumental in developing testing methods since the introduction of Hoodia in the West. A spot test of more than 60 Hoodia retail products purchased randomnly by an independent laboratory in 2008 proved that more than 80% of Hoodia products currently found in retail outlets are fake. A % of the 20% Hoodia products that passed seemed to be diluted and the only conclusion would be that either the companies bought adulterated material or the Hoodia powder was dilluted at point of export.

The current trend in counterfeiting Hoodia gordonii or manufacturing of a 20:1 so called extract (see below) is about to come to an end. With new cGMP certification required by the FDA and also the development of a FDA / FTC requested standard in testing for Hoodia gordonii; legitimate distributors, contract manufacturers and retailers such as our clients; can finally enjoy the benefit of Integrity and Honesty. It’s been a long and arduous road to inform all the real players in the field but an exercise which was well worth the effort it took. Finally there is light at the end of the tunnel! TradeAvail has never failed a Hoodia purity test! This means a lot esp since we have conducted more than 400 Hoodia tests on our ingredients.

Can you tell the difference between the counterfeit Hoodia and the real Hoodia?

Counterfeit & Adulterated Hoodia gordonii

 The ingredients above were selected because they are commonly associated with Chinese Hoodia, 20:1 Hoodia, 10:1 Hoodia and 3:1 Hoodia. None of the above is Hoodia gordonii, though Hoodia powder can resemble almost any color or texture in the above images.

• Insist on a C.I.T.I.E.S Certificate.
• Insist on verifiable independent Lab Reports.
• Test the product you are selling yourself.

All our Hoodia products are accompanied with the following certificates.

Hoodia COA
Hoodia MSDS
Hoodia Product Specification Sheet
Hoodia HPLC
Hoodia HPTLC
Hoodia Microscopy

All Hoodia gordonii bought from TradeAvail is tested in South Africa by Stellenbosch University before we send it to Alkemist Pharmaceuticals for final testing before export. Below find our standard procedure for processing Hoodia gordonii.

Hoodia Flow Chart

Don't be fooled by fake marketing techniques and manipulation when buying Hoodia, insist on independent referencable analysis!

Following you will find a Botanical description and some general information. If you need any further details and or pricing, please contact us.

Genus: Hoodia
Species: H. gordonii
Family: Apocynaceae
Common names: Ghaap, Bushman's hat, Hoodia, Xoba, Goba

Hoodia gordonii, best known as ghaap to the locals in South Africa is a leafless spiny succulent plant, with fleshly finger-like stems with rows of thorns. The plant's flowers are flesh-colored and smells like decaying meat to attract flies for pollination. The plant's stems can grow up to one meter and sometimes even taller.

Hoodia may be the best known product we have to offer. It has also been referred to as the "miracle plant" for weight loss or the "green gold". The main active ingredient is the P57 molecule.

Medicinal Use:
Hoodia gordonii is better known as the "miracle plant" for weight loss due to it's hunger suppressant properties. Hoodia reduces the appetite by fooling the brain into thinking that it has eaten and sending the signals to the body that it is full. This results in smaller portions and curbing of appetite in general.

General Information:
Hoodia (pronounced /Hoo dee a/) is a genus of 13 species in the flowering plant family Apocynaceae, under the subfamily Asclepiadoideae. Hoodia species occur in summer rainfall areas in Angola, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa as well as winter rainfall areas in Namibia (MET 2002). Only one species if found east of 26 degrees longitude, i.e. H. currorii subsp. lugardii, which occurs in Botswana and the Limpopo province of South Africa. The centers of diversity for Hoodia are in Namibia (11 taxa) and South Africa (9 taxa).
Although the genus Hoodia is widespread in Southern Africa, herbarium records indicate that Hoodia gordonii only occurs in South Africa and Namibia. ***Any claims about other areas of Hoodia gordonii distribution should be verified by a competent taxonomist.

Many Hoodia species are protected plants. Several species are grown as garden plants. Hoodia is currently listed in Appendix II to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), which includes species not currently considered endangered but are at risk if trade is not controlled.

Hoodia gordonii is a natural plant that takes 5 years to mature, it hasn't been farmed until very recently (early 2004) so there's not much of it about, which makes it expensive when there, is a lot of demand for it.

Most Hoodia gordonii material currently on the market is harvested by farm owners whom are licensed by the Western Cape Nature Conservation. The increased Hoodia gordonii supply might help to rid the market of the many fake products currently being sold, see our list of current fake products.

People who are uninformed will easily buy either the diluted Hoodia product or the fake ones currently being distributed on a global scale. Sadly many of the vendors selling the fake product is so well marketed that they just keep on selling the material without any loss to their swindling income. This means that the scammers who just want to make money by tapping the new-found Hoodia boom are going to use small quantities of real Hoodia gordonii blended with either Oppuntia, Sawdust, Starch, Silica leaves or other non toxic material to cut their costs but still profit from the Hoodia gordonii name. What alarms us most is that one cannot be guaranteed that only non toxic material is used to stretch the material and as such some standard should be set.

Don't be fooled by fake marketing techniques and manipulation when buying Hoodia, insist on independent referencable analysis!

Hoodia in the news!

A general timeline of related Hoodia news articles. It is interesting to note that none of the below articles have any negative publicity on real Hoodia.

Hoodia gordonii in the news

The major appearance of Hoodia on TV in the West was framed by these famous words, "Deep inside the African Kalahari desert, grows an ugly cactus-like plant called the Hoodia" The first noteworthy appearance however was by a British Newspaper with the relevant article headline; "Kalahari cactus boosts UK drug firm". Neither of these reports were the actual first but we will start our timeline with these seeing that they are the most publicized in this day and age. Please take your time and acquaint yourself with the facts regarding this aptly named, "Miracle Plant".

Quick Explanation on this Hoodia Page: You are probably wondering why we created this page. Why take the time to painstakingly compile a list of all the major news articles since the year 2002 up to the present and why would we update it regularly?

The answer is simple, We believe in Hoodia! It is also our opinion that due to the hectic lifestyles we live we are deprived of time and as such easily believe one or two opinions regarding a product esp Hoodia. The truth is that is a wonderful plant with far reaching benefits to mankind. Up to date 20 January 2008 there has been NO reported side effects or negative effects on a pure Hoodia product, with what seems to be millions of users worldwide! the news time lines below with the respective keywords and short descriptions below will be expounded below the timeline. This quick scan will then enable you to make up your mind for yourself regarding the efficacy of Hoodia.

Hoodia Prominent News Articles As They Appeared In Chronological Order

How to use the News time line below: First you will find the date published, then the agency or company that published it, followed by keywords and phrases from the respective report and lastly the URL of the original article or video.

Below the timeline you will come across the Hoodia News breakdown. This will be a combined summery for all the relevant news articles referenced in the Hoodia News Timeline.

BBC News
Kalahari cactus boosts UK drug firm
Story detailing how Pfizer and Phytopharm created relationship whereby Pfizer started working on developing drugs from P57 molecule. Also discusses how part of patent royalty goes to SA Govt.
Guardian Unlimited
It's green, prickly and sour, but this plant could cure obesity and save an ancient way of life
Bushmen of the Kalahari stand to benefit from development of hoodia, which curbs appetite. Lots of historical references of its use.,11381,868516,00.html
Scotland on Sunday
The answer to obesity in the West?
Discusses how San will benefit from Hoodia, a little history, and their relationship with CSIR.
BBC News
San peoples have signed a deal ensuring they will profit from a diet drug being developed from a plant they have used for generations.
National Geographic News
Africa's Bushmen May Get rich From Diet-Drug Secret.
CSIR will pay the San 8 percent of milestone payments made by its licensee, UK-based Phytopharm, during the drug's clinical development over the next few years. This could come to more than a million dollars.
BBC News
Sampling the Kalahari diet
Tom Mangold travelled to Africa and sampled the appetite suppressing Hoodia, a plant which may make Kalahari bushmen millionaires. Great example of the effect of Hoodia on someone who had never tried it.
ABC News
Desert Diet Inspired by Africa
Ancient Tribal Remedy Could Be Next Big Drug to Fight Obesity
Reaping New Meds From Old Cures
With 24,000 plant species, the biodiversity of this country is almost unparalleled. And with almost 300,000 traditional healers nationwide, local knowledge of plants and their uses is equally abundant.
New Wonder Diet Drug?
P57 is still a few years from reaching the market, and there has already been a legal battle over it
National Geographic News
Great White Sharks, Others Win Global Protection
CITES is an international agreement between 166 governments. Its aim is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their species' survival.
CBS News
African Plant May Help Fight Fat
Story of 60 Minutes crew and their trip to SA to sample Hoodia. Tells of San history with Hoodia.
Pointy Plant Offers Weight Loss Help
Short interview with several Dr's regarding Hoodia and its use and potential
Phytopharm near to deal on hoodia products?
Phytopharm, which has isolated the appetite-suppressing ingredients in the desert plant hoodia, says it is in advanced talks to license its compound to a food industry partner
BBC News
Cactus diet deal for Phytopharm
Anglo-Dutch food giant Unilever will help the pharmaceutical firm develop the snacks containing Hoodia extract.
Food USA
Unilever to produce food with hoodia
SlimFast owner Unilever has gained the exclusive global rights to an appetite-suppressing compound extracted from the hoodia gordonii plant by UK-based Phytopharm
Unilever gains exclusive rights to Phytopharm's hoodia extract
CBS News
Health: Hoodia Diet Supplement
"If you take this compound everyday your wish to eat goes down and we've seen that very dramatically," said Dr. Richard Dixey of Phytopharm.
Hungry or Hoodia?
Discusses effect of Hoodia and the need for more research.
Is Hoodia For You?
Discusses how you don't know what kind of Hoodia you are getting.
Discusses counterfeiting problems in hoodia industry
Can a cactus plant be a magic bullet for dieters?
NBC News correspondent Janet Shamlian talks about the possible magic pill we've all been waiting for
Diet Pill Promising Weight Loss Flies Off Shelves
Many who have taken hoodia say it doesn't give them the side effects that many diet supplements can.
Hoodia, The New Weight Loss Miracle?
It's just too early to tell if Hoodia will revolutionize the diet industry. Double-blinded clinical trials are required to establish the safety and effectiveness of any product, and these have not yet been completed with Hoodia
Guardian Unlimited
P57. Enough to put you off your food
The search for the physiological reasons behind excessive weight gain and for a way to mitigate it occupies teams of scientists and public health officials worldwide. Much of the research has focused on working out which chemicals in the bloodstream control hunger.,3605,1656900,00.html
Spam Daily News
Beware Hoodia Gordonii diet pill spam scam
The spam ads that fill your mailbox promise a miracle in a single pill -- an appetite suppressant that makes dieting a snap by killing your desire to eat.
Dieters Swear By Hoodia, But It's Not FDA Approved
Lots of people are talking about the latest weight loss supplement that's supposed to erase your appetite. It's called Hoodia, and many are wondering if it's just more hype or a real weight loss wonder.
Hold Off On The Hoodia
The UC Berkeley Wellness Letter advises readers not to "take a chance" with Hoodia supplements because no one knows if it's safe, especially when used regularly. There's been almost no testing to see if these Hoodia supplements work, explains Dr. John Swartzberg, who heads the editorial board at the Wellness Letter.
BBC News
Slim pickings
Proud of having been selected for the Miss York finals for her attractive personality over her appearance, Kate finds herself buying weight-loss products she'd never even considered buying before.
Hype Over hoodia
Fox 59 Hoodia Report Sept. 18, 2006
Video from TV interview and discussion of Hoodia.
CBS News
Can A Candy Help You Lose Weight?
Do diet pills help you lose weight?
Video clip about Hoodia lollipops and whether they work.
Diet Detective
Do weight-loss supplements work?
We’ve seen ads about products claiming to help us burn fat and shed pounds. Dr. Madelyn Fernstrom, a ‘Today’ contributor, offers advice
Daily Tidings
Hope grows with hoodia in the Kalahari
The plant, which grows wild in the Kalahari Desert of southern Africa, was once used by indigenous tribes to suppress hunger and thirst when hunting. Now it's such a darling of the international dieting industry that googling the word calls up around 14 million responses.
Doctor Claims Hoodia Helps With Weight Loss
There's been a lot of talk about Hoodia, the weight loss supplement. But with all the weight loss products on the market how do you know if it works? The doctor in Bucks County was asked to put one brand to the test. Take a look at what he found.
Hoodia-Thin' Only Made Dieting Couple's Wallet Thinner
The Ripoff Report lists over 60 complaints from people who say Hoodia-Thin and similar companies are offering free samples but then charging customers' credit cards hundreds of dollars.
Hollywood's Weight Loss Secrets Revealed
Lollipop Diet helps woman shed pounds
UT Southwestern Medical Center dietician Lona Sandon agrees that absorption through the mouth's membranes is very efficient. But she had questions about the ingredients in power pops.
Natural diet supplement Hoodia put to test in weight loss challenge
Three people have agreed to put Hoodia to the test and let us follow their progress. Our "Hoodia Hopefuls" come from three walks of life, but have one desire: shed the extra pounds.
NutraIngredients Europe
Phytopharm, Unilever expect Hoodia product progress
Phytopharm and Unilever are expecting progress in their efforts to develop products using the active extract of Hoodia gordonii in 2007, and report they are satisfied with efforts to address the problem of ineffective weight-loss products purporting to be Hoodia.
Slimming Ingredients get serious
The first international conference on slimming ingredients kicked off in Berlin with industry and academia exploring the huge potential for potential weight managing and weight reducing ingredients.
Hoodia users report results after three weeks
It's been three weeks since our "Hoodia Hopefuls" first put the product to the test. Many people have asked about their early results, so WAVE 3's Carrie Weil has an update.
Wanted: testing for supplements
The dietary supplement industry needs an independent testing program that is recognizable to consumers in order to enhance the credibility of its products as well as encourage solid science and sourcing.
Phytofarm explains there procedures
Video: Phytopharm is a pharmaceutical development and functional food company whose product leads are generated from medicinal plant extracts
CBS News
Under The Hoodia
A brief update on the 60 Minutes story
CBS Broadcasting
Nourishing Foods For Dieters
When you are on a calorie restricted diet, it is more important then ever to choose foods that are as jam packed with as many nutritional elements as possible. This is particularly true if you are taking Hoodia.
Hoodia users share their progress
Twelve weeks ago we told you about several people who volunteered to let us keep up with them while they used Hoodia, a weight loss supplement that's been gaining a lot of attention for helping people lose weight. Three of our viewers gave it a try. WAVE 3's Carrie Weil has an update on their progress.
Live Science
Hoodia users share their progress
Hoodia gordonii, in its natural form, quite plausibly could suppress hunger and aid in weight loss. For now, however, there is simply no evidence that unregulated and over-hyped hoodia dietary supplements sold by fly-by-night companies—costing $50 or more for a month supply and containing little if any of the active ingredient in hoodia—can deliver anything more than removing weight from your wallet
Appetite reduction is key for weight management - consumers
When consumers think about weight management and foods, appetite-suppressing ingredients are key, suggests new independent consumer research.
World Entertainment News Network
Lollipop Diet Gives Britney Spears Energy
Hoodia lollipop that Britney was eating to lose weight.
ABC News
Desert Diet Inspired by Africa
Clinical trials in the United Kingdom suggest P-57 could reduce appetite by up to 2,000 calories a day, making it a potential runaway success in the multimillion-dollar dieting industry
Hoodia lollipop that Britney was eating to lose weight.
BBC News
Rare spiky plant flowers at Eden
A rare plant which researchers believe could help combat obesity has flowered at the Eden Project in Cornwall
Unilever to take weight management to shots
The global number-one player in the weight management foods market, Unilever, has indicated it will be expanding this functional category into drinkable shots.
Phytofarm answers questions
Video: Phytopharm is a pharmaceutical development and functional food company whose product leads are generated from medicinal plant extracts.
International Spam And Stock Fraud Scheme, 11 Indicted
A federal grand jury indictment was unsealed today in Detroit charging 11 persons, including Alan M. Ralsky, his son-in-law Scott K. Bradley, and Judy M. Devenow, of Michigan, and eight others, including a dual national of Canada and Hong Kong and individuals from Russia, California, and Arizona, in a wide-ranging international fraud scheme involving the illegal use of bulk commercial e-mailing, or "spamming."
American Chronicle
Is Hoodia Worth Buying?
The jury is still out on whether or not Hoodia products still work. Prominent celebrities such as Oprah have caused these products to soar in popularity, but no hard data has been collected on hoodia itself. The hoodia compound is derived from a relative of the cactus and processed into pill form as supplements or the most recent craze, processed and put into diet lollipops.






Hoodia Side Effects

Hoodia Side Effects - Are there any? Are there Hoodia gordonii side-effects you should be concerned about?

There are no documented Hoodia side-effects such as a racing heart-beat, nausea, upset stomach, headaches, blurred vision, shakiness or any other unpleasant symptoms.

Hoodia is a plant, not a pharmaceutical drug or a stimulant. It is produced from the dried flesh of the finger-like, spiny stem succulent Hoodia gordonii. It is often described as “cactiform” because of their remarkable similarity to the unrelated cactus family. Hoodia in its pure form is healthy, because you still eat normal food, just less. It is natural, a plant without any additives! Hoodia was traditionally used by the Kung Bushmen, of Southern Africa for thousands of years to stave off hunger, while going on long hunting trips through the Kalahari desert.

However, there are some key things you should be aware of:

Hoodia, being a “miracle plant”, comes from Southern Africa. Although drug companies are currently studying ways to create a synthetic version of Hoodia, no such version exists at this time. There are numerous products on the market, available to consumers, claiming to contain only pure Hoodia, but in fact it is not real Hoodia, but a diluted or fake product. You may experience side-effects, caused by other ingredients in this supplement. The best choice, even though it is the most expensive, is to purchase pure certified Hoodia. Read labels carefully before buying a product. Unknown ingredients should be investigated before use. Do your research!

Any statements concerning no known Hoodia side-effects applies only to 100% pure Hoodia gordonii. NOT Hoodia herb combinations.

No safety data exists on Hoodia gordonii’s use in pregnancy lactating mothers.

Diabetics should exercise caution. A dangerous drop in blood sugar levels might occur, due to “the full feeling” and forget to eat. The active ingredient fools the brain into thinking you’re full and this happens by imitating glucose, which is what we get from food when we eat.

Drink Enough Water - Make sure you get between eight to ten 8oz glassed per day.

In conclusion, while there are no problematic side effects reported at present and none reported in the past, weight loss enthusiasts should discuss with their doctors before beginning any weight loss program.



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