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Aloe Ferox

Genus: Aloe
Species: Aloe Ferox
Common Name: Bitter Aloe, Red Aloe and Tap Aloe

Aloe ferox is a bitter plant by nature. The word "Aloe" has been derived from the Greek word for the dried juice of the leaves. Ferox means "war-like" or "fierce" - this refers to the leaves which has spiny edges. Aloe ferox is indeginous to one province in South Africa. Aloe ferox as a medicinal aid is unfiltered, offering all of it's active ingredients.

Medicinal Uses:
The resin are used for arthritus and can also be taken as a laxative. Cosmetic products are manufactured from the gel derived from the leaves.

The cleansing properties are used for:
colic, colitis, hay fever, headache, indigestion, heartburn, diabetes, spastic colon, cancer, urinary tract infections, acne, prostatitis vaginitis fistulas and inflamed cysts, hepatitis, jaundice, tonsillitis, throat infections, mouth ulcers, chronic fatigue, gingivitis, depression, bunions, corns, warts, moles, scars, eczema, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, amenorrhea, infertility caused by amenorrhea, bronchial asthma, emphysema, sinutitis, insect repellent, constipation, intestinal parasites, veterinary, psoriasis, arthritis, rheumatics, tennis elbow, osteoporosis, underactive thyriod gland, liver function, dandruff, hair loss, sunburn, x-ray -, radiation burns and ulcers, nappy and heat rashes, chafed and chapped skin, blisters, eye infections, infections, abscesses, haemorrhoids, stretch marks, sun spots, skin cancer, liver spots, itching, insect bites, allergies, skin irritations, dermatitis, chickenpox, shingles, hives, athlete’s foot, bed sores, wet or dry lesions, chronic ulcers, varicose veins, muscle spasms, leg cramps, insomnia, and lack of energy.

General Information:
Aloe ferox stimulates cell renewal, is non-toxic and a natural healer.

Aloe ferox contains a total of 34 amino acids:
*Alanine *Anserine *Arginine *Aspartic acid *Asparagine *Citrulline
*Cystine*Ethanolamine *Glutamic acid *Glutamine *Glycine *Histidine
*Hydroxyproline *Isoleucine *Leucine *Lysine *Methionine
*Phenylalanine*Phosphoserine *Proline *Serine *Threonine *Tyrosine *Ureum *Valine *1-Methylhistidine *3-Alanine *4-Amino-buteric, 6 unknown.

Aloe ferox assists and enhance the body's mechanism to heal itself naturally.

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